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Students may select from a wide variety of courses (with and without a JWST prefix) that count toward the JWST minor.

If you are interested in issues of identity and representation, for example:

What is Jewish identity?
How have Jews and other groups understood what it means to be “Jewish”?
How have Jews and how has Judaism been depicted and imagined in literature, art, and politics?

Consider taking one of these courses in spring 2016:

FYS 100 (sect. 38) Is It Possible for Jews and Christians to Enter Into Meaningful Dialogue

RELG 240 Lost Christianities

If you are interested in issues concerning text and practice, for example:

How have Jewish texts been constructed and interpreted?
How has the interpretation of sacred texts shaped the evolution of Jewish ritual, belief, and practice?
How have particular historical figures and movements shaped Jewish beliefs and practice?
How have Jewish texts, rituals and practice shaped and been shaped by other religious traditions and texts?

Consider taking some of these courses in spring 2016:

RELG 201 The Bible as Literature

If you are interested in questions of culture and history, for example:

How have Jews and Judaism shaped the development of art, culture, and science?
How has Jewish culture and community been shaped by wider artistic, scientific, religious, and political movements?
What has been the history of the Jewish people in ancient and modern Israel and throughout the Jewish diaspora?
What has been the history of interactions between Jews with other peoples? How have those interactions varied over time and region? 

Consider taking some of these courses:

CLSC 210 A History of Early Medicine*

HIST 249 Twentieth-Century Europe

*requires pre-approval from JWST advisor and course instructor to be used for JWST credit

For a full listing of courses that will count toward the minor, visit the minor page.